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Urban planning concept of the “Sun Valley” settlement near Zvečan with preliminary facility designs

New residential settlement with its accompanying functions is located between Kosovska Mitrovica and Zvečan. The wider location encompasses an area of 24.5 hectares, while the settlement itself covers the area of 14.7 hectares. The area of the future settlement lies on the hillside facing south, south-west and west. Since planned houses are single and twin, most would be positioned so as to ensure favorable insulation.

Depending on the type of the facilities, 200-300 residential units can be built within the settlement.

The layout plan contains the following types:

21 facilities with 4 apartments with total floor surface of 80 m2 or 100 m2 84
12 facilities with 2 apartments with total floor surface of 80 m2 or 100 m2 24
47 facilities with 1 apartment with total floor surface of 80 m2 or 100 m2 47
70 facilities with 1 apartment with total floor surface of 60 m2 70
Total number of apartments 225-300
Approximate total floor area 16,000-20,000 m2
Approximate number of residents 900-1,200

For more information on types of facilities, see the appendix on typology of residential facilities.

Surface area of the land lots varies from 3.5 to 6 acres, depending on the size of the facilities and terrain disposition.

The following accompanying facilities, in line with the social standards, would be built within the settlement:

Facility for children 1136 m2
Facility for social activities 600 m2
Service and trade center 600 m2
Outpatient dispensary 185 m2
Sport facilities – locker rooms and the club 200 m2

The following sport courts are foreseen to be built within the settlement: handball and mini football court, basketball court and tennis court. It is possible to build a smaller swimming pool covered with balloon for winter period instead of basketball court.

Location for the construction of the church is also included in the settlement.

Bearing in mind the terrain configuration, street grid mainly follows the settlement contours and the streets slope at average 1-5%, up to maximal 10% in shorter distances. Such street layout conditioned the positioning of the facilities in relatively regular lines for a better view and insulation. The parking area will be included within land lots, except for public facilities.

Central axis with two poles lies at the centre of the settlement: the kindergarten and religious facility are connected with social center and sport courts via green park surface covering 170x20 meters. Public parking lots would be built for central facilities.

In addition to the street network, the upwards transverse pedestrian pathways will follow the contours of the settlement and will occasionally include stairways. Children playgrounds and greenery areas with benches will be built wherever the terrain allows.

The settlement has a peripheral intersection which is connected in two places with the local road Kosovska Mitrovica-Zvečan and with the internal street network. The entire concept of the settlement is designed to allow for a construction in phases.

All infrastructural installations will be included: plumbing and sewer, hydrant network, electric power and telephony, public lightning with solar panels, video surveillance covering the whole settlement. Heating will be provided individually, from different sources and from alternative energy sources: solar power and water pumps for larger complexes – kindergartens, social center or larger facilities and groups of houses. Facilities are designed to comply with high energy efficiency criteria.

The altitude ranges from 620-690 MAMSL with slopes ranging from 5-25%, and on average 20%, or from 3°-20° and on average 15°, allowing for construction with limited terrain leveling. Underpinning or chamfers (escarpment) would be built in certain places.

Given varied slopes, part of facilities would have semi-basements, with a garage, auxiliary rooms and even smaller residential units.

The proposed types of family houses allow for variations in terms of functioning and design in order to accommodate for various needs of the beneficiaries, and achieve the desired quality of visually diverse and socially sustainable residential settlement.

Design of the residential facilities has included elements of ethnic architecture, such as four-hipped roof, arcades and porches, as well as the use of traditional materials for facades, primarily stone and wood, and tile-covered roof.