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Sun Valley

Sun Valley

Sun ValleyThe development of the Sun Valley complex represents a new practice in sustainable living and planned economic activity, whose long-term viability will be demonstrated through the preservation, protection and accentuating of its potential by the hands-on success stories of this contemporary housing, accompanied by the development of small and medium-sized agricultural and commercial activities.

Support to the development of the economic content centered around the residential complex should ensure that the Sun Valley Complex does not become an isolated island but an affirmative example and a generator of a new type of sustainable development.

Promotion of the Sun Valley and its economic sustainability will also benefit local population, who would soon be able to opt for an innovative change when it comes to their traditional economic activities and increase the standard of their living.

Development of the Sun Valley project goes hand in hand with a clearly defined interest to maintain and preserve the environment, protect cultural and human resources and create a new social environment, enriching local traditions with contemporary features.

Construction of the residential complex and simultaneous development of sustainable economic activities will have numerous additional effects, such as:

  • Engagement of local construction companies and people in the construction of planned facilities;
  • Increased turnover of the local manufacturers of the construction material and equipment;
  • Employment of over 300 workers only in the first phase of constructing the residential complex;
  • Improvement, construction and renovation of the local road infrastructure;
  • Increased economic activity will impact positively on the local population and businesses in the surrounding area;
  • Economic and demographic revival of one of the least developed and populated regions of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Promotion of Serbia’s image will reflect positively on other activities in the country, etc.

Realization of the Sun Valley Complex project would reduce economic concerns while boosting the endurance and consolidation of local communities, with the added value of innovative economic and social practice, new aesthetic experiences, new relations with others and a whole range of other new experiences.