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Sun Valley

Facilities and content

Facilities and content

Unlike rural areas where economic activity is centered around agriculture, and does not include urban content, the Sun Valley settlement will include content untypical for a village.

The Sun Valley complex has been designed with all characteristics of an urbanized, cultivated settlement and with urban content.

This, among other things, means services that are implied for a modern town, as a cilizational development and the achieved level of quality of living.

Facilities and content

These facilities are common in urban settlements, determined and defined by streets, squares, green spaces and gardens, promenades, outpatient dispensary, school, kindergarten, religious facilities, shops, restaurants and nearby industry and manufacturing facilities.

Such approach to the design of a settlement complex provides good spatial distribution of population, dispersion of different content and activities while respecting the natural and morphological characteristics of the area and traffic connection with Zvečan and the Mitrovica North.